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Brussels Airlines and ML Tours enter a 3-year partnership

Flights between Brussels and four destinations in Morocco

Brussels, July 19th, 2023 - Brussels Airlines, the national carrier of Belgium, and ML Tours, a specialist travel agency for flights from Belgium and The Netherlands to Morocco, signed a strategic cooperation running until 2025. The agreement has a volume of 175.000 seats and encompasses flights between Brussels and Al Hoceima, Nador, Oujda and Tangier. With this, both partners cater to passengers who regularly travel between Belgium and Morocco.
Brussels Airlines and ML Tours signed a partnership agreement on four connections between Belgium and Morocco, in a period running until 2025. The two partners together will initially guarantee the availability of 175.000 seats between Brussels and Al Hoceima, Nador, Oujda and Tangier. Flights between Brussels and the last three cities will primarily be scheduled flights in the summer season, the Brussels to Al Hoceima connection will be operated year-round as charter flights.
Through this partnership, Brussels Airlines and ML Tours guarantee convenient connections between Brussels Airport and Morocco for VFR travelers (Visiting Friends & Relatives) as well as for tourists and business travelers.
“We are happy to have joined forces with ML Tours as a specialist partner and expand our offer for customers flying to and from Morocco. This partnership once again strengthens the position of Brussels Airlines in the leisure market and contributes to our long-term strategy in this segment.”
​- Greet Vandebos, Head of Leisure Sales, Brussels Airlines
“Brussels Airlines and ML Tours have been working together for years to offer flights to northern Morocco. This collaboration has now resulted in a multi-year agreement which offers both parties more certainty about the available capacity in the next three years. ML Tours can increase its offer to Al Hoceima, Nador, Oudja ​ and Tangier and provide Brussels Airlines with a stable number of passengers. The agreement is mainly important for Belgian customers, but also for Dutch travelers. We know that they are also increasingly using the flight offer from Brussels.”
​- Yavuz Kara, CEO, ML Tours
ML Tours has been a specialist agency for travel from Belgium and The Netherlands to Morocco since 2009.