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ML Tours flights to Oujda

You can purchase tickets for direct flights to Oujda (OUD) at ML Tours from:
  • Brussels Airport (BRU) with Brussels Airlines on Thursday and Saturday (29/06-31/08)


The pearl of the Orient in Morocco 

The city of Oujda is one of the cities in Morocco where traditions are the most deeply rooted because of its history. Oujda is a border town in Morocco, located in the extreme north-east of the country, on the border of the Eastern Rif region. Oujda was honored with the title “Arab Cultural Capital” in 2018. Oujda is a peaceful historic city known for its outstanding heritage, traditions and food in addition to the generosity and hospitality of its people that come from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Its proximity to the port of Nador and to Algeria, 5km away, allows it to play the role of crossroads between Morocco and Algeria.

Lots to see in Oujda

What makes Oujda special is the Theatre Med VI which is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of cultural and artistic activities in Oujda.
Besides that there are more wonderful places to visit: 
Bab Sidi Abdelwahab; A unique large traditional market (Souk) built in 1325. The souk experience is a must in Oujda. It is where you can do shopping while getting to know about the culture of Morocco. The sellers there are very friendly and warm. If you enter the big gate of Bab Sidi Abdelwahab, you will find yourself in an endless joyful maze full of traditional clothes, accessories, and decorations in addition to delicious Oujdi food, drinks, and sweets such as El Makroudh, Chebakia, El Kaak, Barida, Karan…
The city’s main square where all the magic happens is the Sidi Abdelwahab square. It is a short version of Jama El Fanna in Marrakech. People from different places gather in this cultural space to enjoy artistic performances from dancers, storytellers and acrobats.
The famous place here is Lalla Aicha Park, its's extends over more than 17 hectares. The place is known for its large and beautiful entrance gate but it is inside that the beauty is mesmerized. A variety of plants and flowers surround the fountains to leave an impression of refreshing relaxation. Sidi Yahya Oasis, a peaceful calm oasis filled with beautiful trees and flowers. It is also known for organizing Taborida festivals so you can enjoy splendid horse performances and fireworks. 
You should not miss to visit Dar Essabti, the most beautiful palace in the city which enjoys a beautiful oriental architecture. Founded by Abdellatif Sebti in 1935, this building faces the Lalla Meriem park, a real relaxation area where it houses a museum of oriental art. And last but not least: Saidia Beach, one of the top beaches in Morocco which is just a few kilometers away from Oujda with tens of kilometers of yellow sandy beaches and a good climate throughout the year.

Climate Oujda

Oujda has a perfect pleasant climate the whole year that will suit everybody’s taste and makes you want to discover many places. In Oujda, the summers are short, hot, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cold, and partly cloudy. During the year the temperature generally varies from 4°C to 34°C and is rarely lower than -0°C or higher than 39°C, perfect for the body-care and for the relaxation.


Practical information


Healthcare is pretty good in Moroccan cities. There are many private clinics where good care is given at high cost and in the larger hotels usually also have a medical service available. Outside the larger cities, the medical services are limited.  

Passport and visa 

You need a valid passport which is valid for more than 6 months on the day of your departure from Morocco. You do not need a visa for stays less than 90 days.
The advice is only intended as a guideline and is not binding. You can request the most up-to-date information from the official authorities.

Time zone

There is no time difference with Morocco during the wintertime.
During summertime, it is one hour earlier in Morocco than in Belgium/Netherlands.

Flight duration

The total flight time of Brussels to Oujda is approx. 3:05 hours.


The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).
You can find cashpoints in the larger cities and tourist areas.

Electricity and adapter plug  

Morocco has 220 volt and use two types of sockets;
  1. Type C (Same socket as we have in Belgium/Netherlands)
  2. Type E (Two round holes with above an outstanding earthing pin)

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