ML Tours flights to Fez 

ML Tours sells flight tickets for direct flights to Fez from Rotterdam The Hauge Airport (RTM) with Transavia from November 2020 on Wednesday and Saturday.  

Fez, the old imperial city of Morocco 

Fez, also known as one of the imperial cities, together with Marrakesh, Meknes and Rabat.
Furthermore, Fez is the second largest city of Morocco and a very nice city trip destination.
The city is divided in Fez el Bali (old city) and Fez Jdid (new city).

Fez el Bali

The old city, also known as Fez el Bali is full of surprises and the old medina is on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1981.
There are about 9000 small streets, so it is very easy to get lost. It is very good to remember the two main streets ‘Talaa Seghira en Talaa Kebira’. These two streets are wider and busier than the remaining streets.
In the maze of all the streets you will keep looking around as everywhere there is something nice to see from colourful markets, nice fountains, bathhouses, mosques, Koran schools, tanneries, museums and restaurants.

Fez Jdid

The new part of the city is also known as Fez Jdid and is mostly known for the imperial palace ‘Dar el- Makhzen’ which is in this area. This was the main residence of the sultan and is currently still being used by the king of Morocco when he is visiting Fez. Therefore, it is not possible to visit the palace inside, but the palace walls itself are also worth a visit.

To do in Fez

  • Visit the old medina and especially do not forget to visit the “front door of the medina” (Bab Bou Jeloud). A gigantic gate that gives access to the old medina. Around the gate you will find many small shops and restaurants.
  • A visit to a Koran School
  • A visit to a tannery
  • A visit to one of the many museums
  • Marinid Tombs, a nice view over Fez, that is on a half hour walk from de Bab Bou Jeloub. From this point the sunset will give a very nice view.
  • Visit to the imperial palace ‘Dar el- Makhzen’
  • A visit to a Hamam for a nice relax moment

Practical information


Healthcare is pretty good in Moroccan cities. There are many private clinics where good care is given at high cost and the larger hotels usually also have a medical service available. Outside the larger cities, the medical services are limited.    

Passport and visa 

You need a valid passport which is valid for more than 3 months on the day of departure from Morocco.

Time zone

There is no time difference with Morocco during the wintertime.
During summertime, it is one hour earlier in Morocco than in the Netherlands.

Flight duration

The total flight time of Rotterdam to Fez is about 3,5 hours.


The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).
You can find cashpoints in the larger cities and tourist areas.

Electricity and adapter plug

Morocco has 220 volt and use two types of sockets;

  1. Type C (Same socket as we have in the Netherlands)
  2. Type E (Two round holes with above an outstanding earthing pin)


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