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You can purchase tickets for direct flights to Tangier (TNG) at ML Tours from:
  • Brussels Airport (BRU) with Brussels Airlines on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (22/6-14/9)


Tangier; the ideal city trip and beach holiday combined in one trip

Tangier is the second oldest city of Morocco and located in the North on the Straits of Gibraltar. Because of its strategic location, Tangier has an important role as a gateway between Europe and Africa. It is a city with a multicultural mix of nationalities; from Muslims, Jews to Christians.
Tangier is also a place for artists, musicians and writers, because of its rich history of cultures, people and strategic location. Tangier also has very nice beaches which makes it an ideal place for everyone.

To do in Tangier 

Shopping for souvenirs or traditional handwork?
The medina of Tangier, which is located in the historical heart of the city, is the place to be. You can walk for hours and immerse yourself in the traditional Moroccan life in the Cozy narrow streets and alleys with shops, colorful markets, souks and houses. You will find everything here from souvenirs, fresh vegetables and spices, fish and alive chickens. Definitely worth a visit!
Grand Socco is a great stop after a visit to the medina. It is a cozy square with a fountain in the middle, surrounded by palms, benches and terraces. It is located between the old and new area of the city and is also well known as ‘the central point of Tangier’ and very popular by the locals.


Not far from this cozy square, you can find Petit Socco, the smaller version of Grand Socco with French influences. Café au lait and crêpes are listed on the menu card here.
Also, a visit to the Kasbah at the highest point of Tangier should not be skipped. It is a little climbing, but the magnificent view of the sea makes it more than worth it. The Kasbah is the old settlement and is also called ‘Citadel’. It is much quieter over here than in the medina and the houses have a Mediterranean look with an Arabic atmosphere.
Dar El-Makhzen, the palace of the Sultan, is located in Kasbah and is currently used as a museum of Moroccan art and the archaeological museum of ages.
The two courtyards have beautiful decorated wooden ceilings and there are marble fountains. A true culture historic point of interest!
Away from the crowds of Tangier?
Take a ride along the coastline with beautiful green environments and beautiful sea views.
Drive just a little bit further and you will come at the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea will come together. Better known as ‘Cape Spartel’ with another breathtaking view, but also a very beautiful route.
Near Cape Spartel are the Caves of Hercules, where Hercules stayed before he completed his 11th work. So if you are at Cape Spartel, a visit to these caves are recommended. 

Climate Tangier 

The temperature is pleasant during the whole year, due to the perfect location between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. This with the result that it will be no warmer than 28 degrees in July and August and that the winters will be mild.

Practical information


Healthcare is pretty good in Moroccan cities. There are many private clinics where good care is given at high cost and in the larger hotels usually also have a medical service available. Outside the larger cities, the medical services are limited.  

Passport and visa 

You need a valid passport which is valid for more than 6 months on the day of your departure from Morocco. You do not need a visa for stays less than 90 days.
The advice is only intended as a guideline and is not binding. You can request the most up-to-date information from the official authorities.

Time zone

There is no time difference with Morocco during the wintertime.
During summertime, it is one hour earlier in Morocco than in the Netherlands/Belgium.

Flight duration

The total flight time of Brussels to Tanger is approx 3:15 hours.


The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).
You can find cashpoints in the larger cities and tourist areas.

Electricity and adapter plug  

Morocco has 220 volt and use two types of sockets;
  1. Type C (Same socket as we have in the Netherlands/Belgium
  2. Type E (Two round holes with above an outstanding earthing pin)

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