Old ticketprice

Your old ticket price is the amount that you have paid for just your ticket(s). This can be a one-way ticket or a retour ticket. Additional amounts that you have paid, such as luggage or other products, are not included in the old ticket price amount. However, the system will calculate whether you need to pay or get a refund by looking at your total voucher credit. This amount is equal to the full amount paid for your booking. If the new ticket is more expensive, you will have to pay extra. If the new ticket is cheaper, you can receive a refund. For this you can request a refund by email or you can use the outstanding amount for future bookings. This only applies to passengers who rebook with a so-called 'open' ticket, the passengers who have received an email regarding the canceled flight. And only for the unused flights.

Change return flight

Have you booked a return flight and would you like to change both routes? Then you have to do this in 2 steps on the website. First you change your outbound flight and settle for any price difference. You can then log in again with your PNR and last name to change the return flight.

Booked luggage

If you booked hold baggage with your previous booking, it will be carried over to your new booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book extra baggage on the website. For this you can contact customer service by telephone.

More information about your voucher

When canceling your flight (s) by the operating airlines and ML Tours you will receive a voucher credit worth the entire amount paid for your booking. Suppose you have paid € 100 for your booking, then this is your voucher credit. If you have changed your flight to a date that is cancelled, this voucher credit is only valid for these new flights. The old tickets have expired according to the change conditions.
If you have a return flight and only 1 single trip is canceled, you will receive the voucher credit for the entire booking. You can then adjust your flight (s) online yourself.
- You can only edit 1 flight at a time. Do you have a return flight and do you want to adjust both? Then you must first adjust the outward or return flight and pay in order to then be able to adjust the other flight.
- If you have a bill of €0, you will not be forwarded to your payment provider and you only have to accept the conditions.
- If you have an amount to be paid of - €20 during a settlement, this means that the new ticket is cheaper than your old ticket for which you have already paid. The difference in the price can be used later for future bookings. You can also get this difference back by submitting a request to our customer care.
If you have questions or problems with using online (re)booking, you can always contact our customer care directly and also change your flight by telephone if necessary.