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How do I register for airport assistance?

Are you not very mobile and do you need help at the airport or boarding the plane? Then you can submit a request for assistance.
This is possible after booking the flight, via the link below. You also indicate what you can or cannot do, so that we can take this into account. final costs on the spot at the airport. We distinguish 3 different forms of immobility:
  • You can walk short distances and climb stairs independently (WCHR);
  • You can walk short distances but cannot climb stairs independently (WCHS);
  • You are completely immobile and you must be lifted into your seat (WCHC), you are not allowed to travel alone. You can only pass this on directly to the airline.
In all cases it is important that you are at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for passengers traveling with Transavia to request assistance and reserve seats just before departure.
Up to 5 days before departure via the assistance request form:
From 5 days to 48 hours before departure, you must submit your request to the appropriate airline.
  -> Transavia
  -> Brussels Airlines  and send this form to
For departures within 48 hours, you can only contact the hel center of the airline and request the assistence
Passengers that need help on board are not allowed to travel alone and should be accompanied by a personal guide of 16 years and older, booked in the same bookingsnumber,
This is applicable for:
  • Passengers completely immobile and who must be lifted into their seat
  • Passengers with a mental disability or developmental disorder who are unable to understand or follow safety instructions from the cabin crew;
  • Passengers who are visually impaired, blind and/or deaf, whereby they are unable to communicate with the cabin crew or follow the safety instructions;
  • Passengers who are unable to eat or drink unassisted;
  • Passengers who require assistance with personal hygiene. Consider going to the lavatory;
  • Passengers who need to use medical oxygen on board;
  • Passengers who require medication or injections.
For complete information per airline, please refer to the following websites:
  -> Transavia