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Brussel - Rabat

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ML Tours flights to Rabat

You can purchase tickets for direct flights to Rabat (RBA) at ML Tours from:
  • Brussels Airport (BRU) with Brussels Airlines on Monday and Wednesday (27/6-07/9)


Rabat is one of the four Imperial Cities and is also the current capital of Morocco. As with many other Moroccan cities, the Medina of Rabat is the heart of the city. The Medina of Rabat is known for its delicious and affordable food. The city has a modern and relaxed feel and the souks and the medina are less hectic than elsewhere.

Lots to see in Rabat

What makes Rabat special is not so much the old city of Medina, but the coastal district as beautiful as the Kasbah des Oudaias is rarely encountered. Narrow cobblestone roads lead past blue-and-white houses with mosaiced doors and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Kasbah des Oudaias also houses the oldest mosque in Morocco.
From the Kasbah des Oudaias you can go through the Andalusian gardens to Le Tour Hassan, the famous tower of Rabat. This tower would one day become the tallest minaret, but Sultan Al-Mansour died before the minaret was finished. Opposite the tower is the Royal Mausoleum. The kings of Morocco are buried here, including Mohammed V. His final resting place is still guarded by traditionally dressed guards of the royal guard. Le Tour Hassan is located on the Bou Regreg River. This river separates Rabat from Sale.
While Rabat has many impressive monuments and sites to see, the most beautiful are the Chellah Gardens that are open daily to the public. In the springtime, the flowers inside the garden are blooming with colors and heavenly scents. Chellah was officially built by the Romans around the XIV Century and was known at the time as Sala Colonia.

Climate Tangier 

Rabat has a Mediterranean climate. The summers are warm and dry and in the winter you have a mild temperature and the most rain falls. The average annual temperature is 23 degrees. Despite the fact that it can be very hot in the summer months, the dry air makes it bearable.


Practical information


Healthcare is pretty good in Moroccan cities. There are many private clinics where good care is given at high cost and in the larger hotels usually also have a medical service available. Outside the larger cities, the medical services are limited.  

Passport and visa 

You need a valid passport which is valid for more than 3 months on the day of departure from Morocco.

Time zone

There is no time difference with Morocco during the wintertime.
During summertime, it is one hour earlier in Morocco than in Belgium.

Flight duration

The total flight time of Brussels to Rabat is 3:15 hours.


The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).
You can find cashpoints in the larger cities and tourist areas.

Electricity and adapter plug  

Morocco has 220 volt and use two types of sockets;
  1. Type C (Same socket as we have in Belgium)
  2. Type E (Two round holes with above an outstanding earthing pin)

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